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Aperto da filippo9639, 05 maggio 2007, 06:42:55

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Nuovo Sito simile a ADbox

At Got2Pay you can get your ad seen for as little as $5.00 per 100 potential customers. You set your own budget and number of views you want your ad to generate.

All listings are displayed in a single page categorized into group with the older ads before newer ones.

Caution: This program produces very fast and high traffic results. Could cause some smaller sites to crash due to their inability to handle the traffic volume.

  Getting your websites seen by a huge audience is great — but getting paid for it is even better. That's where Got2Pay comes in. We accept purchases of advertising from people, and pay them commissions from our advertising revenues. If your website is something you would like to show others, you can make real money with Got2Pay.

You probably noticed that there are advertisements for major car companies, movie studios, video game publishers, and tech companies running across the Got2Pay site. We earn good money from those ads and we share a percentage of the gross revenue with advertising customers. That money is paid out according to the current link count of the customer on Got2Pay — so the more ads you view, the more money you make.

How you make money
Got2Pay pay advertising customers for watching other customer websites. You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. Please note: You will have to purchase at least 10 views before any earning possibilities will be open.

Got2Pay pays directly into your account for viewing links submitted by our advertisers. You choose when you want to process your payments! From your account page you can elect to process your payment immediately or wait until you feel you've made enough to transfer into your account. The choice is yours!

Easy to get paid - Just click on the advertiser's link, read the ad, and get paid!

You must view each link clicked for 30 seconds in order to get paid for it. If the next link is clicked too soon you will receive an error message reminding you of the 30 second delay. Once you receive credit for a link you will not be able to click it a second time and when the "collect" page is refreshed that clicked link will no longer appear in the page view until 24 hours has passed.

Please notice: We only provide and support direct referrals, also known as one level deep affiliate system. This is to comply with PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy and the guidelines found within.

Earnings Example
You click 25 ads per day = $0.375
10 referrals click 25 ads per day = $3.75
Your weekly earnings = $28.875
Your monthly earnings = $125.125
Earnings Calculator
You click  ads per day = $0.375
referrals click  ads per day = $3.75
Your weekly earnings = $28.875
Your monthly earnings = $125.125

The above example is based with only 10 referrals, 25 daily clicks and Silver Membership. But what if the scenario was 50 referrals, 100 daily clicks and all the memberships? Try it out yourself in our

Vediamo come va apriamo questa nuova catena Payout a 5$ con paypal


iscritta. L'avevo vista in questi giorni, ma sono stata un po' pigra ultimamente e non avevo voglia di segnarmi  ::)


 :) Iscritto anch'io sotto Flavia. Continuiamo da qui?


prima di guadagnare qualcosa dovete comprare qualcosa da 50 centesimi mi pare se no non si guadagna
il passato tende a ripetersi nel futuro ..


si infatti, devi comprare almeno 50 cent. in visite (50 cent.=10 visite)


Hanno eliminato la regola dei 50 cent.


sito inesistente sposto in scam