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Aperto da monik58, 06 gennaio 2006, 14:01:21

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 ;D Se non lo conoscete ve lo presento:
Percentuale dal 1 a 10% a seconda dell'andamento dei loro affari, referral random (sono arrivata a 15 in un mese) paid to click no crediti ma $, percentuali sui referral fino al 5° livello (per il primo livello 20%)
bonus di ingresso 10$-  upgrade obbligatorio. Ogni upgrade dura 365 giorni.
Minimo cash-out 10$. mi sono iscritta l'8.10.05 ho investito 10$ e ho incassato 75,42. per me è fantastico


Stormysurf is no longer accepting new member members !!
You can email us if you are want to become a member as we have inactive spaces pop up once in a while !

Make sure to read our FAQ .....there are loads of answers there...or email us anytime !!!


Upon joining you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Stormysurf is not responsable if sites we promote on our website fail, or if you lose money in any site advertised on

Sites inactive after 10 days will be deleted and all funds lost.

No refunds. Any funds sent to us is a membership fee. This enables you to earn in the profits of . Anyone who commits a chargeback will be deleted and their info shared with many other sites. Committing a Chargeback is fraud and will not be tolarated.

We pay 1%-10 % daily on upgrades , depending on site income. THIS MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME!! We have several other online businesses , and will always pay AS LONG AS THE SITE MAKES INCOME !! we are not responsable if you start surfing and the site changes its pay rate while you are surfing and you get paid at a lower rate. It goes both ways !

Admin cannot promise the future of the site or cannot promise that the site will continue to make money. We look forward to a long life for this site, and will do everything in our power to make it the best , must profitable site for everyone. If you win , we win. For admin to make the most money , we need to help you make money !!

We offer a 10 % referral commission. THIS MAY CHANGE AT ANYTIME !

Members agree to view the FAQ to learn all they can !

Members agree not to hack or use our site to Spam , otherwise they will face termination, and be reported to the police.

Members can request a cashout once a day as long as your balance is $10 or more. Cashouts are processed within 48 hours(business days).

One account per person per household. All accounts will be deleted and all funds lost if you have multiple sites.

Stormysurf reserves the right to stop selling upgrades at anytime. There will be times when we limit sales of upgrades and times where we allow it. There will be a special note on the site if we are not selling upgrades at that time .Members will also be emailed.

Stormysurf may also limit the amount of members into the program and limit the amount of upgrades a member can buy.

Stormysurf allows compounding, but only during times when upgrade sales are allowed.

New members must upgrade within 10 days or their account will be deleted

Stormysurf has the right to email you at any time for any reason. You understand that as a member we can email you as often as we choose to let you know of new auto-surf sites, inform you of scams, inform you of news and other opportunities. We will never flood you inbox with dozens of emails per day.....but expect several every week. If you don't want to read our emails , delete them ! A few emails per week is not a bad exchange for making cash daily from a honest autosurf !

When joining as a member , we may email you special offers at anytime. How else do you think we can run this site and keep paying you without this becoming a ponzi like all the other sites ?!!!

We do not sell , give , or rent your info to anyone else !

These terms may change at anytime.


Avete visto le novità?...per ora non accetta nuovi appena fa pulizia iscrivetevi
15% x 10 giorni