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Aperto da biviar, 01 Agosto 2007, 13:31:40

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sito simile a steadydailyshares. Riporto dalle FAQ
When will I start earning money?
You can start earning money moments after you complete registration of your account. After registration, purchase shares and immediately generate your income. You may also make a withdrawal immediately too to test the strength of IncomeStorm.Net.

Is this TRUE?
This is true. This is a program you will like and tell others about. There is just no doubt about that. You will see that after just a few minutes of becoming a member, and understanding the concept of IncomeStorm.Net, you will tell others about it..

What e-currency do you use in this program?
E-gold only.

Can I register an account with IncomeStorm.Net without an e-gold Account?
Yes! Just enter series of numbers in the e-gold text field and register. However, you will definitely need e-gold account to receive the storm of income that will come to you, so we suggest that you just as well create a free e-gold account.
Click here to create a free e-gold account.

Must I be able to promote IncomeStorm.Net in order to earn daily?
No! Absolutely not required to earn. Once you register an account with us and have added some shares to your account, you do not need to refer in order to earn money.

Can I register more than one account?
This design does not prohibit creating more than 1 account, however, you will see there is no need for it since a single account will enable you to buy as many shares as you desire.

How is IncomeStorm.Net self-sustainable?
Our products are widely sought after, and lots of purchases are made daily. Sales and renewal of advertisement packages result in a great source of daily revenue. And because of the popularity, sustainability of IncomeStorm.Net, and consistency in ensuring a varied daily return of between 4.3% and 45% of total invested. A high percentage of revenue is derived daily from the sales of shares.

IncomeStorm.Net is built on solid foundation to ensure that the source of revenue continues to re-generate itself. This makes it possible for IncomeStorm.Net to be a long-term program.

How much does a share cost, and what is the maximum?
It cost just $5, and you can purchase as many as 1000 shares daily. Your daily income will fluctuates daily between 4.3% and 45% of the total cost of the total number of active shares in your account.

How long are shares valid?
Shares are valid for 30 days. Please note that if for instance you bought 50 shares today and bought another 65 shares in two days' time, the two sets of shares will not expire the same day. Each set of shares will take 30 days to expire. Your account will never expire. If one set of shares expire, the others will keep bringing you an income daily.

Will I earn an income if I am still a free member?
No. As a free member your only source of income would be from referring others. When a member you refer purchases a share, you will receive commission from the purchase. You will keep receiving commission anytime that member purchase shares. You will also receive commission when the members you referred also refer others who purchase shares. You will earn from your downline up to 5 levels deep.

What is "Join Gifting" that is being spoken about all over?
This is exclusive only to our members.

What is the referral commission paid to those referring?
We pay 5 levels of referral commission:
Level 1 = $0.50 per share
Level 2 = $0.20 per share
Level 3 = $0.10 per share
Level 4 = $0.10 per share
Level 5 = $0.10 per share

When any of your downline at level 1 buys 1000 shares, you will receive $0.50 for each of the shares to make a total to you of $500. The same calculation is done at any of the levels based on the commission at that level.

However, never mind the referral commission, with a good downline, your major benefit comes from "Join Gifting"

Will I ever be able to meet my income target?
Your income target is nothing. This is IncomeStorm. Your Daily Income through your shares alone will give you more than your set target. Combine
"Join Gifting" and see the real storm!

How do I get paid, and how fast is payment?
You will be paid via e-Gold. Payments are done between 1 minute and 4 hours after requests. It is very fast.

What is a share?
A share or multiple shares enable you to earn an income daily. Having a share or several shares enable you to earn a varied daily income of between 4.3% minimum, and 45% of the total cost of your total shares.

How fast do you respond to contact emails?
This will take normally anything between 1 to 24 hours depending on how many requests we received.

How long does it take for adverts to be placed after payment?
Instantly. The whole process is scripted that after the payment you will begin to monitor the performance and see your adverts placed on IncomeStorm.Net immediately.

When will I receive my products after purchase?
The product you have paid for is attached and sent immediately to the email address your provided during purchase.


Ottimo sito..sentito parlare molto bene...
Una sola raccomandazione "biviar" non ci dimentichiamo le regole di formattazione per i Nuovi Topic ;)
Admin Of  &
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Citazione di: lello78 il 02 Agosto 2007, 01:32:01
Ottimo sito..sentito parlare molto bene...
Una sola raccomandazione "biviar" non ci dimentichiamo le regole di formattazione per i Nuovi Topic ;)

Quoto ,i topic bisogna formattarli per bene anche nelle altre sezioni  ...


Ho provato ad andare sul sito e questo è quello che trovo:
Service Unavailable  :tickedoff:


Citazione di: biviar il 09 Agosto 2007, 19:39:35
Ho provato ad andare sul sito e questo è quello che trovo:
Service Unavailable  :tickedoff:

Io lo raggiungo tranquillamente!


ora funza anche a me, boh? Ieri per buona parte della giornata non era raggiungibile


dimenticavo mi ha pagato parecchie volte fino ad ora  :D


 ;D quarto pagamento ricevuto eccovi la serie dei pagamenti ricevuti da incomestorm

Se ancora non vi siete iscritti


 ;D quinto pagamento ricevuto dopo un paio d'ore scarse dalla richiesta

   08:11   Payment Received   ********   Gold   +0.007046   *******   4.74 USD   672.70
From: I.Storm    Merchant Reference #: 844
Memo: ID.: 844 :-: Amount: $4.74 :-: Date: 9/3/2007

Ottimo  :smitten:


Anche a me ha pagato regolarmente.... a poco più di 1 ora dalla richiesta...

P.S. Biviar.... ti stò facendo fare i soldi! :P



Ma su income storm non sei mio ref.  :angel:


Eppure io ho usato il tuo ref link per iscrivermi.... :(



 ??? boh? Io non ti vedo nella mia downline (vuota lol), prova ad usare il link contact upline così vediamo se mi arriva il tuo messaggio anche se non credo.


ti ho scritto.....
ma probabilmente non ho scritto a te!! :(



infatti roby, non mi è arrivato nessun messaggio dalla mia downline (fantasma :2funny:). Beh fa nulla, l'importante è che il programma paghi, no?  :coolsmiley: