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Salve ho trovato questo sito tramite un'altro forum italiano, mi sembra interessante. Ecco la descrizione presente in homepage:

Welcome to Bet Funds S.A. a Panama registered International Business Corporation dedicated to sports arbitrage betting.

With our patent pending software BF-Arbs we can guarantee a higher return from investment to our clients in what we call the first sports arbitrage betting based mutual fund.

The benefits of sports arbitrage betting are much higher than any given by banks or traditional investment products and your capital is never at risk!

Please read our website carefully to learn more about sports arbitrage betting and how you can profit from arbitrage betting with us.

2 piani d'investimento:

1  BET FUNDS Regular Funds 1 year
Plan    Spent Amount ($)    Weekly Profit (%)
BFS    $5 - $999            5.00
BFM    $1,000 - $4,999    5.50
BFP    $5,000 and more    6.00

2 BET FUNDS compound fund 1 year
Plan    Spent Amount ($)    Weekly Profit (%)
BFC    $5 and more                6.00

Accetta: e-gold, e-bullion, pecunix, moneybookers e bonifico.


moneybookers è stato sostituito da liberty reserve

Accepting LibertyReserve
Our clients have the option to use LibertyReserve to deposit and withdraw funds.
Aug-23-2007 06:43:31 PM

Moneybookers- discontinued
Moneybookers has catalogued us a gambling/betting company, being unable to make/receive payments from customers in the US and Malaysia and making difficult for us operate normaly. For this reason we have decided to discontinue accepting moneybookers. If you had a deposit made with moneybookers, when requesting your withdrawal, please use the provided note box to inform us about your preferred e-currency ( e-gold, e-bullion, pecunix or libertyreserve) and the account number to complete the withdrawal.
Aug-23-2007 06:41:31 PM


22 giorni di assenza aggiornamenti...non raggiungo il sito...direi che si puo spostare.
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